Hi, I’m Brooke, Founder of Writing & Thriving. My content marketing and copywriting journey started back in January 2018. With nothing but passion and desperate need of a job, I had a lot to learn. My love for words started since the moment I learned how to type on my Mom’s computer, and writing quickly became an addiction.

In childhood, I recognized my love for writing. In my teenage years, I monetized it.

I landed my first copywriting job at 16 years old, in a content marketing agency.

After a year of taking on a writing role, editing role, and Content Marketing Strategist role, I began writing for another agency.

Finally, in the summer of 2019, I decided to branch out from agency ghostwriting and start my own brand. And so, Writing & Thriving was born.


We offer a variety of services to our clients. Below are my freelance SEO content writing services that will tell your brand’s story, connect with your audience on an emotional level, perform extraordinarily in the eyes of search engines, and drive your readers to action.


To reap business results from your content, it needs to be optimized for search. When you order content from us, you get more than beautiful copy. You get discoverability.


Need a social media manager? Social media strategy? Content to post on your social channels? We've got you covered. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all.


Every piece of content we produce is driven by a powerful content marketing strategy personal to your brand. Book a consultation call or grab one of our content marketing strategy packages on your way out.


We craft copy that sells. Web content, sales copy, landing pages, case studies, product reviews, you name it. Drive more action from your prospects with a website that engages them from the start.


Fill your blog with valuable, informative and engaging content fully optimize for search engines. We specialize in the B2B marketing, e-commerce, internet marketing, and holistic health and wellness niches.

Quality content
for businesses and blogs.

Whether you’re an agency, small business owner, or blogger… we got you covered. Backed by a content marketing strategy personal to your business, the content coming your way is bound to create contrast between you and your competitors. Not only will you get some impressive results, but you’ll also end up with a loyal fan base.

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Avg. Turn Around
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Brooke Bagley

Brooke Bagley

CEO, Founder, Writer

My passion for writing began at the age of 8. And at 16, I monetized it. After a year of agency ghostwriting, I started my brand, Writing & Thriving, for just $60. In Spring 2020, I dropped out of college to pursue my passion for writing and entrepreneurship full-time. Today, I use my skills in content marketing strategy and SEO to produce high-quality, ranking, converting copy for my clients.

Hayley Reynolds

Content Editor

My name is Hayley and I am a Content Editor and Primary School Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. My passions lie in helping people transform their writing into the best version that it can possibly be! I have extensive experience editing both short and long-form texts in Australian English, UK English and US English. In my free time you’ll find me hiking, reading and spending quality time with my little family.

Mwale Kalenga

Mwale Kalenga

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

I’m Mwale, a passionate Blogger, Digital Marketer and Website Consultant. At the moment I’m using nearly a decades worth of experience making websites, my Bachelors in Business Administration and various Hubspot certifications to make great content easily accessible to more people. You can think of me as the Chuck Norris of Digital Marketing, but instead of fighting crime and cool roundhouse kicks, I go around helping small and medium size businesses find clients online. When I’m not working, you can find me watching videos on YouTube, writing code (still) and eating, among other things.

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